Ayurvedic Considerations on Shayyamutrata (Enuresis): A Review


  • Lokesh Department of Kaumarbhritya, Govt. Ayurved College, Rewa (M.P), India
  • Nisha Department of Shalakya Tantra, Govt. Ayurvedic college, Rewa (M.P), India


Shayyamutrata (Enuresis) is an involuntary discharge of urine. In most of the cases the chief cause of enuresis is behavioral and emotional factors. It can also occur due to the urinary tract infection, food allergies, obstructive sleep, apnea, chronic constipation etc. The prevalence of enuresis is about 15-25% of children at 5 years of age, 8% of 12 years old boys and 4% of 12 years old girls. Srotovarodha and vitiation of Sadhaka, Tarpaka Kapha, Pachaka Pitta, Manovaha Srotas and Atinidra are the factors responsible for development of Shayyamutra. Ayurveda suggest importance of pharmacological as well as psychological treatment for the disease. This article describes some ancient view on Shayyamutrata


Shayyamutrata, Behavioral problem, Psychotherapy, Kaumarbhritya


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