Colorectal cancer: Etiology, pathogenesis and current treatment


  • Bhargavi Rathva Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Bakrol, Vadodara Gujarat India
  • Shreyas V Desai Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Bakrol, Vadodara Gujarat India


Colorectal cancer is define by partial suppression of apoptosis. This can give advantages to survival in tumours but cause the ineffective approach of chemotherapy treatment. New development in the research provide the novel approach of the new target therapy for the colorectal cancer treatment. The novel approach of the targeting therapies leads the new pathway treatment for the colorectal cancer and give the promising results. Progressive inhibition or evasion of apoptosis has been found during the transformation of colorectal epithelium to carcinoma, indicating that dysfunction of apoptosis has an important role in colorectal tumourigenesis. In this review the etiology, pathogenesis and current treatment is discussed.


Cancer, Colorectal cancer, Chemotherapy, Anatomy and physiology


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