A review on new technology for modified drug release: Accudep technology


  • Ayesha Tabassum Department of pharmaceutics, Deccan school of pharmacy, Dar-us-salam, Aghapura, Hyderabad-500 001 Telengana, India
  • Sana Ahmed Department of pharmaceutics, Deccan school of pharmacy, Dar-us-salam, Aghapura, Hyderabad-500 001 Telengana, India


Accudep technology is a new advanced technique ideally suited to pharmaceutical dosage form manufacturing. Accudep technology is a single continuous automated process which is being applied to a range of product areas including intermediate-release dosage forms, super generic products and novel controlled-release formulations. The technology is a highly-controlled electrostatic deposition process. The key steps in the process are attachment of film substrate to a patterned receiving module, controlled deposition of pure pharmaceutical powder onto the patterned regions on the substrate film, dose measurement, lamination to second film and processing into final dosage form. The goal is to identify highly flexible delivery designs that will accommodate many drugs of diverse physicochemical characteristics, dose ranges and facilitate engineering of immediate as well as controlled-release of the pharmaceutical active powder. The system design differs from currently marketed controlled-release products in that it avoids the conventional pharmaceutical processes such as–mixing, blending, granulation, drying, sizing and compression. Instead, the proposed system utilizes active drug moieties as pure active ingredient, and achieves controlled-release through the use of polymeric film of various release characteristics. It provides several benefits to the pharmaceutical industry including lower manufacturing costs, more precise dosing, a cleaner manufacturing environment and fewer waste materials. Hence Accudep technology can be used to prepare low dose, potent drug with known content uniformity and stable immediate release dosage forms


Accudep technology, controlled-release, immediate-release, electrostatic deposition, pharmaceutical active powder


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