Drug distribution in sample of five layers of human skin


  • Archana Sharma Department of Mathematics, ITM, University,Gwalior, India
  • V.P. Saxena Sagar Institute of Research, Ayodhya Bypass Road, Bhopal, India


The transdermal drug delivery is the delivery of drugs by using dermal layers. In medical sciences, it is an alternative to injections and oral drug delivery system. In this paper a mathematical model has been constructed to study the drugs concentration in the different layers of the skin through transdermal drug delivery system. The finite element method with linear shape functions has been used to obtain the solution of governing one-dimensional partial differential equation for unsteady state case. It is assumed that the drug is administered internally through reservoir. The dermal region under consideration is divided into five layers for the analysis.


Drug delivery through reservoir, Time dependent diffusion and finite element method.


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