Study of resistant pattern and comparative analysis of different generation of antibiotics against various pathogens


  • Ishrat Jahan Khan Department of Microbiology, Primeasia University, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
  • Zakaria Ahmed Department of Microbiology, Technology Wing, Bangladesh Jute Research Institute, Manik Mia Avenue, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh


The research was done on resistant pattern of pathogens in various pathological samples against 1st to 4th generation of antibiotics. Female were more prone to infectious than male. Gram negative bacteria were more infectious than gram positive bacteria. The 1st to 4th generation of antibiotics group were used like- 1st to 4th generation of cephalosporins, amionoglycosides, monobactams, macrolides, carbepenems, quinolones, oxazolidinones, penicillin, 2nd and 3rd generation of penicillin combination. On this research 1st generation cephalosporin, 2nd generation of penicillin combination, 3rd generation of penicillin combination, 4th generation of cephalosporins were mostly resistant and these all drugs are taken by orally.


Resistant, Antibiotics, Pathogens


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Ishrat Jahan Khan, and Zakaria Ahmed. “Study of Resistant Pattern and Comparative Analysis of Different Generation of Antibiotics Against Various Pathogens”. Journal of Innovations in Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences, vol. 4, no. 4, Oct. 2017, pp. 127-31,



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